Review of the Rat pack slot

This is a 5 reel video slot and of the free casino slots online. The slots game has more than 30 pay lines. Interestingly, the slot shows not the conventional three horizontal lines but four horizontal lines. This slot, one of the free casino slots, has also got 2 wild symbols and the 2x symbol doubles one’s winnings.

It has got a feature for free spinning which can be activated with up to three or more of SCATTER records and the most exciting thing here is that so long as you are winning, the longer you spin for free.
The symbol CYMBAL is the one that runs the free spins. If this CYMBAL continues appearing, you continue with the free spins.

All in all, everyone can really enjoy the Rat Pack slot’s games. You may not be a mathematician, hence you may not know the effect on winning ratios of having 4 lines horizontally, but it will feel nice and you will keep on winning. This free slot is a Microgaming invention.

So there you have it. The Rat pack slot is one of the free casino slots online which will give you great benefits plus the wonderful felling of winning.